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The Military Truth website is dedicated to bringing you the facts about military recruitment. If you are considering joining the armed forces, please review the information on our site about military recruitment. Your local recruiting office will not tell you these things. Get the truth about all branches (we don’t use the word ‘service’). Use to formulate your questions and see what your recruiting office will confirm or deny. Then you can make a better-informed decision as you decide for yourself what you want to do.

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While this VA report may call the jump in young veteran suicides an ‘urgent crisis,’ it unfortunately seems to be a crisis with no end in sight until the country is finally forced to reckon with its dark legacy of regime-change wars and military occupations around the world.”

$21 trillion of Pentagon financial transactions between 1998 and 2015 could not be traced, documented, or explained.

The long-awaited, Congressionally mandated DoD audit has been concluded, with the resulting synopsis from “The Nation”:

Quotes from “The Nation”:

“In all, at least a mind-boggling $21 trillion of Pentagon financial transactions between 1998 and 2015 could not be traced, documented, or explained, concluded Skidmore. To convey the vastness of that sum, $21 trillion is roughly five times more than the entire federal government spends in a year. It is greater than the US Gross National Product, the world’s largest at an estimated $18.8 trillion”   (Underlining is mine  ~ Don)

“The Pentagon’s accounting fraud diverts many billions of dollars that could be devoted to other national needs: health care, education, job creation, climate action, infrastructure modernization, and more. Indeed, the Pentagon’s accounting fraud amounts to theft on a grand scale—theft not only from America’s taxpayers, but also from the nation’s well-being and its future.”

And such theft goes into the pockets of this country’s 1%ers!

Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction by the U.S.

As U.S. citizens, we often think of ourselves as belonging to a high-road nation, one dedicated to “doing the right thing,” whatever that might be. Additionally, while one might think that global superpower status should also denote a degree of “high road” morality, particularly because we are “citizens of the United States of America” and that we are looking out for and guarding against the Saddam Husseins of the world, this is simply not true.

Reality, however, is not quite as simplistic. In looking at weapon systems that can be easily classified as weapons of mass destruction and at our country’s position on the manufacture and use of these weapons, it becomes quite apparent that, no matter which political party is “in charge” in Washington, the manufacture, sale and even the use of these weapons is heavily protected by the powers that be in our government. Eisenhower’s famous lines about the military-industrial complex in his farewell address has proven to be very true. And General Smedley D. Butler’s 20-20 hindsight from 1935 (War is a Racket) observations about U.S. wars in which he had participated as being for economic reasons, not ideologies, have apparently not changed since his time.

So, what are these so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)?

The links below will automatically download PDF files you can read at your convenience, noting the commonality with other topics on this website. And realize that in joining the military you typically have little choice in what career field you’d be placed in…whether it is conventional munitions or dealing with a field on the fringes of morality and international legality. Notice in your contract that “the needs of the government” come first. Your desires are typically a distant last. Please visit our blog category on this topic for more articles.


Military Environmental Contamination

Today, in Dec. 2018, I’m aware of four ex-USAF Air Police (APs) , ex-waste pit guards, who were stationed with me at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. Two of them have died from bladder cancer and the two remaining have been diagnosed with the same malady. The base has been designated as an environmental clean-up zone. Toxic waste was being indiscriminately discarded, but requiring AP guards before the base was decommissioned. However, the VA doesn’t recognize the commonality of the systems, despite that situation. An Agent Orange situation all over again, but one in which the victims don’t have the resources or life expectancy to take the situation to court.

Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico: Hazardous waste that I personally know of includes hundreds of used trichlorethelene and toluene wipes. Many of these would also have had particles of plutonium from cleaning plutonium spheres used in the nuclear weapons of the day.

In Kansas (McConnell Air Force Base) I cleaned a spalling sphere from a “training” Mk 6 Mod 6 weapon. This means there were a LOT of plutonium particles in the waste. I know the people in charge had no idea how poisonous it was because of the casual attitude they expressed when I had said it was spalling badly and the facility had no protective gear.

The bottom line is that ANY military base leaves a contaminated waste area behind

~ Don Chapin, Capt. USAF, Ret’d, ex-nuclear weapons electronics technician/team chief


American Imperialism

Hands Off Venezuela: Historic Stance at the United Nations against US Imperialism: One ‘advantage’ to Trump’s extremely weak international standing seems to be a global resistance to American Imperialism.

Putting American global dominance in perspective, American imperialism, as depicted in these non-MSM articles, has brought out the best in globally-inspiring ideals, the worst in behavior (but typical of imperialism, with a dominant military), with a typical ‘decay from within’ scenario, driven by the tRump administration.

Unlike the sensation seeking so-called “reporters” that got tRump elected, the articles in this section were written independent of Main Stream Media (MSM) controls but also independent of each other. However, they all point to the same hidden-from-public-view problem of the Grand-Canyon-wide gap between America’s highly commendable, spiritually-oriented ideals and actual practices around the globe in the name of “defense.” These authors all point, individually and independently, to the old adage that “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely,” and the U.S. has been THE absolute global power since WWII.

American Aggression

“Does it really matter any longer what leader is in charge of the United States? Has there even been a president dedicated to living in peace with the world since that country was founded? Not one. It is long past time to ask why this or that American regime wants war here, there and everywhere. The problem lies much deeper in the American psychology; for we can say that nations have a psychology, a manner of general behaviour and thinking, arising from their history and culture. I will leave that for political philosophers, sociologists and psychologists to examine but the existential fact is the world is faced with a threat to its survival and that threat is the United States of America.” ~ Christopher Black, an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto. This quote appeared in his article, “American Aggression: A Threat To The World.”

Atrocities and War Crimes

Imperialism leads to aggression, particularly with the “us and them” mentality taught in basic training, whether enlisted or officer.

Read more here and visit this topic on our blog for more articles on this subject.


In the section below you will find more information with these links to pages on this website and to topics on our blog:

Could You be a Conscientious Objector (CO)?

Yes, draft registration requirements are still on the books! Men 18 through 25 years of age (despite the fact that medical science has confirmed the brain has yet to reach full growth at this age) are REQUIRED by law (within 30 days of their 18th birthday) to register with the selective service system. In a hawk-driven government, it is easy to re-start that process (PDF File, 36 K), so… (Read More in this post)

Before You Enlist

Before you enlist, remember that the President of the United States would be your Commander In Chief and you would be, by the contract you sign, required to “obey all lawful orders” of those above you. Now, if you’re a typical high school graduate without an advanced law degree how do you know what is lawful and what is not? Just think of having to carry out the orders of someone of Trump’s obviously low caliber. If that in itself doesn’t make you think again, then read on.

Oh, the military hierarchy would know and not allow “unlawful” orders to be passed on? Better think again after going through much of what we present to you on this site. America has TREMENDOUSLY positive ideals which are presented to our citizenry and the rest of the world but, throughout our history (a history not taught in our schools), human, non-idealistic practices have made us into a global imperialistic power.

Back to the “military would intervene” concept. Yes, there is that possibility, that enough high-ranking officers within the Department of “Defense” (as it is now officially called, instead of the original and more accurate Department of War) have retained their innate sense of right and wrong after a career of military politics, but how many? Read “Graft in the Military” for a quick personal story.

Further, would they be safe from prosecution if they spoke up? The US Supreme Court, Department of Defense and Congress say No,  military retirees can be court-martialed for crimes committed AFTER their retirement. Even “contemptuous words” uttered by a commissioned officer “against the president, the vice president, Congress” and others is punishable by court-martial. Are you sure you can keep your opinions to yourself for the rest of your life with a clear conscience?

What Does This Mean For You?

Politics in the commissioned officer military is just as important for advancement as it is in the ‘outside/civilian’ world. Ergo, follow the orders, whatever they may be, or play the politics. In the enlisted ranks, technical-level tests (particularly in the Navy and USAF), achievements, and education—as well as some politics—are keys to advancement.

Also, know that the nature of warfare is constantly changing. From the guerilla warfare our farmer-soldiers—used against the British and German forces in our own Revolution and successfully used against us in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan—to the drones and Special Forces assassination squads we use today, the nature, technology and practice of killing others is constantly changing (i.e. becoming increasingly efficient). What hasn’t changed, long before and since then, is what Major General Smedley Butler wrote about back in the 1930s in his book, “War Is A Racket.” (Link to post with downloadable version of Butler’s book)

Understand, as you choose to browse among the categories offered, we cannot include all the references we’ve used through the years simply because there are FAR too many and there simply isn’t enough room. However, here is one brief yet important article you really should read from our sister site,, whether you are deciding whether or not to enlist or you already have: A Spiritual Directive, Avoid Giving Away Your Spiritual Power.

First Hand Accounts

To get some first-hand accounts of a soldier’s life in Iraq and Afghanistan, look up No direct link because it has been taken over by the DoD, just as many references to similar blogs about nuclear accidents/incidents such as I experienced. Here is the most recent snapshot of the site available at the Internet Archive. For a time the author had a Twitter account, which has also been taken over by the military itself, but there is much from it also available through the Internet Archive.

Military Truth About Recruitment

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