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This site is dedicated to bring the facts about military recruitment. If you are considering joining the armed forces then consider the information here about military recruitment that your local recruiting office will not tell you. Get the truth about army enlistment, air force enlistment, marine enlistment, and navy enlistment.

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In today's military, a "sales job" isn't a large part of recruiting. One reason is that the military simply doesn't need as many fresh bodies. And, today, commercials do most of the work of recruiting.

The primary role of advertising in military recruiting is to support recruiting by influencing youth attitudes about military service (as reflected by measures of the propensity to enlist). Indeed, it seems likely that military advertising may be the most audible voice in society conveying information about careers and life in the military. The concept of propensity to enlist applies to military service in general and to the individual military Services. Hence, propensity can be seen, in advertising terms, as a measure of the primary demand for military service when applied to the youth population’s overall interest in military service, and selective demand when specifically applied to youth interests in the specific Services.

Army advertising iis the highest of all Services and the most likely of the military Service advertising to be seen by the youth population. For example, during the five-year period from 1996 to 2000, advertising for the Army constituted 45 percent of all military advertising in the United States. The message strategies in Army advertising have generally focused on how military service can provide youth with job skills, college credits, and money to pursue education following military service, material considerations for youth making comparisons among specific military Services (selective demand) as well as for youth making choices among military service, civilian employment, and further education (primary demand).

Recruiters, from experience, know that it's next to useless to try to convince a guy or gal that isn't interested in the military to join. However, if a recruit comes to them and they're on the fence, their job is to convince them. Most of that involves laying out the benefits involved (of which there are many).

The biggest great area today is eligibility. Recruiters may get involved in doing things that would make a recruit eligible whom might otherwise be ineligible.

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Military Truth Commentary
Military Truth Commentary
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