Napalm Bombs and Flamethrowers

Both napalm bombs and flamethrowers were used in WWII in the S. Pacific, in Korea and in Vietnam. Napalm bombs are still used by the U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is a jelly-like material that is designed to stick to whatever it hits until it burns itself out.

“As well as explosive bombs, the United States Air Force dropped a considerable number of incendiary devices. The most infamous of these was napalm, a mixture of petrol and a chemical thickener which produces a tough sticky gel that attaches itself to the skin. The igniting agent, white phosphorus, continues burning for a considerable amount of time. A reported three quarters of all napalm victims in Vietnam were burned through to the muscle and bone (fifth degree burns). The pain caused by the burning is so traumatic that it often causes death.”




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