America’s Purpose

Don Chapin

The following from “Europe’s Dependence on the U.S. Was All Part of the Plan” By CLAIRE BERLINSKI, July 15, 2018

“For centuries, Europe was the fulcrum of global violence. With the age of global exploration, it became the globe’s primary exporter of violence, the tempo and horror of the carnage rising every century with improvements in technology for violence.” (Not to mention the turmoil of SE Asia, with repeated Chinese invasions and conquests.)

“Only America, and massive power as the U.S. exercised it, could have pacified and unified Europe under its aegis. No other continental country possessed half the world’s GDP. No other country had enough distance from Europe to be trusted, to a large extent, by all parties and indifferent to its regional jealousies.”

“At the same time, the United States built an open, global order upon an architecture of specific institutions: the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the International Court of Justice. This order is in many respects an empire—a Pax Americana—but it is more humane than any empire that preceded it, with institutions that are intended to benefit all parties. Postwar U.S. statesmen believed that prosperous, liberal democracies that traded freely with each other would neither go to war with each other nor the United States. They ascribed, in other words, to the so-called Democratic Peace theory—a theory with overwhelming empirical support. “

“The American-led world order, undergirded by the ideal of liberal democracy, has been highly imperfect. But it has been the closest thing to Utopia our fallen and benighted species has ever seen. Its benefits are not just economic, although those benefits are immense. Its benefits must be measured in wars not fought, lives not squandered.”

The above-quoted article is an APPARENT purpose for America’s global rise and prominence, and it is all true, particularly the statement “has been highly imperfect,” which is why exists, to point out many of the “imperfect” aspects of imperialism, despite the ideals often publicly expressed.

HOWEVER, THERE IS A DEEPER, SPIRITUAL REASON FOR AMERICA…for America to extend from ocean to ocean with benign neighbors to the north and south. Making America physically hard to attack and relatively isolated from the rest of the world. And that reason is spiritual development…not just of America, but global spiritual development… similar to the 800-year reign of Buddhism in Tibet currently being voluntarily terminated by the 14th Dalai Lama upon his passing. Tibetan Buddhism having been the “guiding light” of humanity through these last centuries (sorry Jews and Catholics, although there have been “connected” individuals within each religion). The Dalai Lama ‘sees’ global spiritual advancement in addition to the Chinese government’s interference in the Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy.

America… a nation geographically free from the threat of invasion, where food and water is (relatively) plentiful…where spiritual development is possible without the hindrance of physical survival needs or aggression. Where the 1/2 of 1% of the global population needed to ”tip the balance” toward global spiritual advancement (“The Recalibration of Humanity” Kryon, Book 13, p. 206) might flourish once introduced to the populace. Notice the increased interest in American literature in the last few years concerning Eastern religion, Native American and Shamanic beliefs and practices.

No, America won’t necessarily comprise that 1/2 of 1% of the global population, by itself (currently comprising only about 4.25% of the global population), but can act as a nucleus and, coupled with indigenous peoples around the globe, effect that “tipping point” toward 4th and 5th-dimension ascension.

Yes, the appearance of the tRump administration IS a set-back, but the “old order” won’t die out without a fight, which tRump spearheads. (After all, humans, in general, have an affinity for “the familiar.“ )

In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, IF tRump is fulfilling a pre-birth “contract” to openly display the dregs of humanity to the world at large, his soul is to be commended for a first-class job, even as his personality is to be prosecuted/persecuted for the same reason. The immediate problem is that we become mesmerized by his considerable less-than-desirable antics while missing/delaying concentration on individual and collective personal internal development necessary for global expansion.

And so, in spite of the tRump sideshow, America’s primary purpose is preordained and “the show must go on,” whether America remains a global leader or that role passes to China or Russia, either of which is entirely possible.



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