Military Sexual Trauma – It’s Not Just Women

Finding Peace After Betrayal, from Military Sexual Trauma in Men: A Review of Reported Rates, by Tim Hoyt, Jennifer Klosterman Rielage and Lauren F. Williams, PhDs. “Military Sexual Trauma (MST) has historically been associated with female service members, but it is also experienced by male service members. There is significant variability in reported rates of men’s MST. Averaging across studies covering the past 30 years, it was found that MST is reported by approximately .09% of male service members each year, with a range of .02% to 6%. MST is reported by 1.1% of male service members over the course of their military careers, with a range of .03% to 12.4%.” (I remember that when Vietnam veterans began initiating such claims it caught the VA quite off guard. ~ Don Chapin)



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