I am an investigative journalist with www.civilianexposure.org, a group based in Contaminated Camp Lejeune, NC. The Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force are all poisoning us and it’s getting worse under the Trump administration.

In January, Californians will start receiving messages from water boards explaining their water is laced with cancer-causing chemicals known as “PFAS,” short for Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. These chemicals are in the fire-fighting foam the military uses during routine training exercises. They seep into the ground and contaminate drinking water wells. The smallest amounts in drinking water cause liver, kidney, testicular cancers and they cause abnormalities in the developing fetus. They poison groundwater, surface water and septic sludge that is applied on farm fields. It’s bad – and the EPA is allowing it to happen. This stuff is worse than Agent Orange and asbestos combined – and these “forever chemicals” never break down in the human body or in the environment so they will poison us for a thousand years.

Thanks to a new regulation that environmentalists pushed hard to pass, water boards in California will start telling people in January their water contains the carcinogens. Although some industries and commercial airports use the foams, the DOD is the real heavy hitter.  Of course, the mainstream media is not calling out the military and neither is the state of California. That’s our job.
I am working with WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom) and I’ll be speaking all over the state in March, with venues pretty much set in: Berkeley, San Francisco (World Water Day, March 22), and in San Diego, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Palo Alto, San Jose and Fresno.

Have you heard about any of this PFAS contamination?  I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t. After all, it’s tough to “break on through to the other side,” as Jim Morrison put it.

Please look at our website: www.militarypoisons.org. When it is completed, many folks will be able to trace the contaminants in their water to the nearest military base. Check out the search engine. Search for, say, “radioactive” or “PFOS,” the deadliest variety of PFAS.  Scroll down a little and you’ll see several pieces about how military bases are filling our bodies with toxins.

California Takes on PFAS Contamination While the Military is a Primary Source of the Pollution 

Once an Air Force Base…  Norton AFB closed 35 years ago but still poisons us.

PFAS Contamination: Telling Half the Story – The LA Times drops the ball.

I just want to put this in your head. Please get in touch if you can host a small speaking event or you can help us in other ways.  I’ll be back in touch with a more definite schedule for March.

They’re poisoning us.

What’s in your water?

Pat Elder



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