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Don Chapin, a retired “mustang” (enlistee, then officer) put this site together. MilitaryTruth.org is primarily aimed at prospective military recruits in an effort to provide forthright information about the military recruiting process and military life. We endeavor to do so without overwhelming the visitor with extraneous information … been there, done that with earlier versions. 🙂 Also see the website ‘Aircraft Transparency Design Guide’ — https://aircraftdesignguide.com — which constitutes one of Don’s final contributions to a successful R&D military career.

Don Chapin

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Rev. Don Chapin, PhD

Site Initiator, Don Chapin

Born December of ‘38. Married in ’59, adopted 5 kids, plus one permanent placement, divorced in ’80, taking two of those kids with him. Remarried in ’81 and divorced again in ’88. (Still in sporadic email contact with, and have ordained, my second wife, who is now on her third marriage). Married Diane in ’90, widowed in Jan. ’04.


Earned both a BS and an MS in engineering (’66 & ’67, respectively) from Oklahoma State Univ. (through USAF’s AECP). Ph.D. in Sociology in ’03.


Enlisted in the USAF in ’56 (After turning down a New York State college scholarship), as a nuclear/thermonuclear weapons maintenance electronics technician, then a maintenance team chief, experiencing traumatic situations along the way, which, occurring at the peak of the ‘Cold War,’ could have easily initiated Earth’s obliteration.

Commissioned (demoted from SSGT to 2nd Lt.:-) after ten years enlisted service. Next nine years in aerospace research & development/ program management, developing hardware and the technology to save the Government several millions of dollars and untold lives(*).

Retired from the USAF in ’77 and spent twelve years in industry as a multi-discipline aerospace engineer, computer programmer, systems analyst, market analyst, and Systems Engineer., quit aerospace because of company morality problems to be a small business consultant and spiritual book publisher, ultimately initiating companies in Delaware, California, Nevada and Hong Kong, plus negotiating a franchise publisher in India. Went back into aerospace, working for the Feds in ’98 as a finite element (computer) specialist. Soon drafted as the Quality Dept. Team Lead (and as an ISO 9000 Lead Auditor), then four years as the Systems Engineering Team Lead, again retiring in June ’04.


Starting in my very late teens, in reaction to a grandmother’s exhortations to “be saved,” I initially tried to “prove” the Old Testament was without merit (only lately finding many biblical scholars also have questions, particularly about the New Testament), but became an “armchair seeker,” instead. With second divorce, became an “active seeker.” From ’89 through ’96, Diane and I presented classes, seminars, etc., in CA, NV and Hong Kong, that were “lead ” by her guides. Ordained in ’97 by Bridges In Consciousness (BIC) in Reno, NV, a nondenominational ministry that had “earned their spurs” as a HIV/AIDS support group. Had many and various “peak” experiences, as defined by James and Maslow, and documented on Buddha Consciousness website (“Spiritual/Mystical Experiences,” and, for low-level shamanic work, “Healing Earth.”)


Fully “Retired” in Southern Oregon (after 14 moves in 15 years) in ‘05, assuming the functions of a web-based, free-church minister while having volunteered with SCORE, Veterans for Peace, my own small counter-recruitment group (Rogue Valley Peace Veterans). Found that school administrative personnel are too “into” the military to care about presenting alternative career options to their students. Publishing eleven books my late wife “wrote” and many other works based on notes through the years (Ref. Light-Path-Resources.org and/or Buddha-Consciousness.org) , traveling in a small RV and working on this website along with two personal-experience books (to be Book #12 entitled “Engineering Your Spirituality” and #13 entitled “In Psychic Defense” from Light Path Resources) of his own.

*Having been retired from the USAF for 40 years, then after subtracting the retirement checks received to date and my schooling at USAF expense from the very first $15M-aircraft-documented “save” from the hardware I developed, I figure I’ve got at least another 215 years before the break-even point where my schooling and retirement costs about equal that first aircraft “save,” not to mention the aircrew lives saved from what had increasingly become known as a “widow-maker.”


Opinion on Education:

While I HEARTILY recommend college for the potential of intellectually broadening one’s perspective, this article points out the down-side of believing everything presented. Remember, most subjects being taught in colleges, or any school, are the result of human interpretations of human- developed theories of existence or endeavor with the ultimate objective of getting the student a job working for someone else! Most true learning comes from “following your muse”… following your innate wisdom, your personal intuition, concerning “your path”. ~ Don Chapin

Additional information:

Chemical Effects on Hearing and Balance

(i.e., ototoxicity)

I am currently classified as 50% disabled by the VA as a result of aircraft engine noise during my first seven years in the military. BUT an ancillary situation, not currently recognized by the VA (or audiologists, in general), is ototoxicity, a word that even audiologists aren’t generally familiar with. In my initial military “career field” I was a ‘special weapons’ technician and team chief, ie., an electronics technician working in nuclear weapons, where everything was supposed to be super-clean. Each station I worked at had a 50+ gallon barrel each of trichloroethylene and toluene behind the nuclear bomb maintenance facility. Therefore we used a LOT of those cleaning agents, generally without protection of any kind unless undergoing a standboard (a team technical and efficiency evaluation), because it was not considered particularly dangerous at the time.

Today, you can’t find it, nor, later as an engineering laboratory supervisor, could I find even an MSDS(*) on either chemical. Also, today I cannot balance a bicycle, or even a tricycle, and at times use a cane to maintain my balance.

(*) Material Safety Data Sheet, or product safety data sheet is a document that lists information relating to occupational safety and health for the use of various substances and products. SDSs are a widely used system for cataloging information on chemicals, chemical compounds, and chemical mixtures. Wikipedia

Quotes from: “Ototoxic Drugs, Chemicals and Heavy Metals in the Workplace”

By George Cook, Au.D., CCC-A
Source: http://www.workplaceintegra.com/hearing-articles/Ototoxics-in-Workplace.htm

Organic Solvents

“In the early stages, oto-neurologic disturbances may include vertigo and nausea. Histopathologic studies have shown damage in the sensory cells of the inner ear. In later stages, chronic toxic encephalopathy occurs. The syndrome develops slowly with no pathological findings present in the first years. Later, psychometric, auditory, oto-neurologic testing will show disturbances. The site of lesion is within the cerebellum and brainstem regions. Auditory processing balance and Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing may show disturbances. Even though effects are time and dose dependent, not everyone is affected. Important initial complaints are headaches, nausea, balance problems as dizziness, memory loss, fatigue and hearing difficulties.”


“This solvent is used as a degreaser, dry cleaning agent, spot remover and rug cleaner. It is used in the production of paints, waxes, pesticides, adhesives and lubricants. Destruction of sensory cells of the inner ear is suspected. It results in a bilateral symmetrical high frequency dip beginning at 2K or 3K Hz and is associated with balance problems


“2.6 million metric tons are produced annually via air pollution and auto emissions.

“Toluene is the most studied organic solvent. It is used in the manufacturing of chemicals, paints, lacquers, adhesives, rubber, rotogravure printing, leather tanning, spray painting, glue, etc. It produces cochlear damage.

“The synergistic effects can result in an increased risk 27.5 times. Balance problems and abnormal acoustic reflexes are significant symptoms. The audiogram configuration can be flat, bilateral or unilateral; however the most common configuration is a dip at 3K to 6K Hz (as noise) even in the absence of noise.”

In the above quotes, those effects in bold print and underlined are, today, common problems in my life. I would encourage everyone to read and note the environments mentioned in this document, “Ototoxic Drugs, Chemicals and Heavy Metals in the Workplace.pdf”~ Don Chapin

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