Chemical Warfare

Poison gas was internationally ‘outlawed’ in 1925, yet the U.S. still used a nerve gas known as Sarin in Vietnam. Despite numerous efforts to reduce or eliminate them, some nations continue to research and/or stockpile chemical warfare agents A summary of the nations that have either declared weapon stockpiles or are suspected of secretly stockpiling or possessing CW research programs include United States and Russia…

Agent Orange

Agent Orange

The Vietnamese who were exposed to the chemical have suffered from cancer, liver damage, pulmonary and heart diseases, defects to reproductive capacity, and skin and nervous disorders. Children and grandchildren of those exposed have severe physical deformities, mental and physical disabilities, diseases, and shortened life spans. Forests and jungles in large parts of southern Vietnam have been devastated and denuded. If they grow back, it will take 50 to 200 years to regenerate. Animals that inhabited the forests and jungles have become extinct. The rivers and underground water in some areas have been contaminated. Erosion and desertification will change the environment, contributing to the warming of the planet and dislocation of crop and animal life.

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