Phosphorus Munitions

There is virtually nothing that will extinguish phosphorus until it burns itself out. THAT is why the UN has banned the use of phosphorus ammunition for combat troops. In fact the UN recently condemned Israel for using this ammunition…ammunition that the U.S. had provided. And in earlier websites of my own, I had pictures of Iraq citizens that had been hit by this WMD, fired by U.S troops into civilian populations. We had U.S. troops committing atrocities with illegal weapons. Where’s the news media??

White Phosphorus Munitions

“The assaults on Fallujah by the United States military in April and November 2004 involved the use of white phosphorus. White phosphorus has extremely damaging effects on the health of victims, including severe burns and irritation of the respiratory system. [This analysis concludes that] the use of white phosphorus was illegal (per Chemical Weapons Convention, Protocol III to the Convention on Conventional Weapons and international humanitarian law) as it could be argued to be a chemical weapon, a riot control agent, or incendiary weapon…”

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Napalm Bombs and Flamethrowers

Napalm is a mixture of petrol and a chemical thickener which produces a tough sticky gel that attaches itself to the skin. The igniting agent, white phosphorus, continues burning for a considerable amount of time. A reported three quarters of all napalm victims in Vietnam were burned through to the muscle and bone (fifth degree burns). The pain caused by the burning is so traumatic that it often causes death.

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