Phosphorous Projectiles

I remember WWII film clips where anti-aircraft batteries lit up the sky with their phosphorus tracers and machine gunners fired streams of phosphorus bullets, typically every third one being a tracer. Both situations helped the gunner see how close he was getting to his target.

This practice was relatively short-lived since those same tracers show exactly where the gunner is located and he quickly becomes a target. These same phosphorus projectiles, however, are very effective incendiary devices…so much so that the UN has banned them for use against civilian targets. Like depleted uranium, they typically break up into smaller particles and continue to burn…if they touch flesh of any kind, those break-away small particles continue to burn, and burn, and burn, inflicting excruciating pain and disfigurement. There is virtually nothing that will extinguish phosphorus until it burns itself out.

THAT is why the UN has banned the use of phosphorus ammunition for combat troops. In fact the UN recently condemned Israel for using this ammunition…ammunition that the U.S. had provided. And in earlier websites, I had pictures of Iraq citizens that had been hit by this WMD, fired by U.S troops into civilian populations. We had U.S. troops committing atrocities with illegal weapons. Where’s the news media??




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