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…in the back of my mind was the observed general attitude, behavior and stories of those combat pilots entering the college campus from tours in Vietnam… I wasn’t sure I wanted to be exhibiting such egos and laughing about chasing black-clad farmers out of their fields with an F-4 aircraft cannon simply out of boredom because there were no more North Vietnamese aircraft to engage. ~Don Chapin

War Zone Killing – Vets Feel Alone in their Guilt

Repost of article by PAULINE JELINEK | February 22, 2013 12:32 PM EST | injury/

WASHINGTON — A veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, former Marine Capt. Timothy Kudo thinks of himself as a killer – and he carries the guilt every day.

“I can’t forgive myself,” he says. “And the people who can forgive me are dead.” With American troops at war for more than a decade, there’s been an unprecedented number of studies into war zone psychology and an evolving understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder. Clinicians suspect some troops are suffering from what they call “moral injuries” – wounds from having done something, or failed to stop something, that violates their moral code.

Verified Civilian Slayings

Repost: Verified Civilian Slayings by Nick Turse, Deborah Nelson and Janet Lundblad
LA Times, August 6, 2006 – Decades-old Pentagon records show that Army criminal investigators substantiated seven massacres of Vietnamese and Cambodian civilians by U.S. soldiers — in addition to the notorious 1968 My Lai massacre… And this is only what was officially reported and investigated

Violence in the Bible and Bhagavad-Gita

Repost: Violence In The Bible And The Bhagavad-Glta (.pdf) by Hector Avalos, Iowa State University
“Violence is a primary fact of life for biblical figures in the Hebrew Bible, and the biblical deity is often portrayed as the prime mover for this violence.” AND “If interpreted literally, at least some portions of the Bible are quite explicit in advocating violence as the proper means to settle conflicts that ultimately derive from unequal access to scarce resources, including land, God’s revelation, and human authority.
“Such directives reach back to God himself. If interpreted literally, the BG can also be seen as supporting violence. Krishna directs Arjuna to participate in war. Krishna supports the caste system that in itself may be a sort of violence to those that are in the lower echelons. Krishna devalues bodily suffering and death, which can logically lead to devaluing violence as well.
“If we extend the logic of Schwartz, it might be that all religions, not just monotheistic ones, are ultimately violent. All religions ultimately depend on creating, rather than just addressing, scarce resources. And more importantly, the scarce resources created by religion are generally accepted as unverifiable, which itself leads to violence.”

New Study of Prehistoric Skeletons Undermines Claim That War Has Deep Evolutionary Roots

Repost: New Study of Prehistoric Skeletons Undermines Claim That War Has Deep Evolutionary Roots by John Horgan – When did war begin? Does war have deep roots, or is it a modern invention? A new analysis of ancient human remains by anthropologists Jonathan Haas and Matthew Piscitelli of Chicago’s Field Museum provides strong evidence for the latter view.

The Cornerstone of War Is Dehumanization: One My Lai a Month

Cornerstone of War Is Dehumanization: Repost of article by ROBERT C. KOEHLER FOR TRUTHOUT. “When somebody asks, ‘Why do you do it to a gook, why do you do this to people?’ your answer is, ‘So what, they’re just gooks, they’re not people. It doesn’t make any difference what you do to them; they’re not human.’
“And this thing is built into you,” Cpl. John Geymann testified almost 44 years ago at the Winter Soldier Investigation,

Vietnam – The War Crimes Files

Repost: Vietnam – The War Crimes Files by Nick Turse and Deborah Nelson for the Los Angeles Times: “…nearly 40 years later, declassified Army files show that Henry was telling the truth — about the Feb. 8 killings and a series of other atrocities by the men of B Company. The files are part of a once-secret archive, assembled by a Pentagon task force in the early 1970s, that shows that confirmed atrocities by U.S. forces in Vietnam were more extensive than was previously known… [and] detail 320 alleged incidents that were substantiated by Army investigators — not including the most notorious U.S. atrocity, the 1968 My Lai massacre.”

New Torture Files

Repost: “New Torture Files- Declassified Memos Detail Roles of Bush White House and DOJ Officials Who Conspired to Approve Torture” by David Cole for “…the CIA was only one part of this conspiracy to commit war crimes. The scheme had the participation and express or tacit assent of many others…Not one of these people said no…”



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