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Crisis of Democracy in Vermont Over DoD F-35 Boondoggle

I was a civil servant Systems Engineer working on the very first development of the F-35. A standard contractor mantra was to involve companies in each and every state, whether “qualified” to make the part(s) they were to be making or not, as manufacturing teams would travel to these future manufacturers to coach them to become qualified. The reason was to obtain maximum Congressional support via local jobs. Result was an over-priced, difficult-to-design and manufacture fault-free product when the emphasis is more on politics, than quality.

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Failed Pentagon Audit Reveals $21 Trillion Scandal

Vox “journalist” Matthew Yglesias tried to push this idiotic justification: “The Pentagon’s accounting errors are genuinely enormous, but they’re also just accounting errors—they don’t represent actual money that can be spent on something else.”
Sorry, but no. These are not “accounting errors.” It’s impossible to have trillions of dollars of “accounting errors.” … I’ll let Laurence Kotlikoff at Forbes answer this:
“Let’s recall that this is not simply a matter of boring accounting. Trillions in unaccounted outlays, if that’s what’s involved here, is trillions of our tax dollars being spent without our knowledge. If that’s the case, we’re talking about the biggest government financial deception in the history of the country.”

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