Off the rails – Trump’s failed 11th-hour military withdrawal campaign

A behind-the-scenes look at former President Trump’s unprecedented clash with the Pentagon.

Ask yourself: “How does Trump’s hand-written order stack up against ‘the Contract’ and our Constitution’s separation of powers? Was the DoD reaction legal?”

Separate Question. This Story Carried by:

But apparently not by mainstream media – WHY???

Article By Henry R. Greenfield, Former Senior Consultant Global Digital Twin Technology at (2015–2020), May 17:


Trump, after learning he lost the election on Nov 7, 2 days later ordered all US forces immediately out of Germany, Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa de facto turning it all over to Putin as he already had done in Syria and Ukraine.


Imagine for a moment if his hand written ‘orders’ had been carried out by the US military which apparently refused or avoided it until he was gone.


By January 20 when this was to happen which would have permanently crippled NATO leaving Europe wide open to Russian influence, control, invasion, whatever.

  • The relationship with Germany would have been irreparably been broken, not harmed, broken.
  • The US would have lost its key staging and strategic bases in Germany which it uses to cover much of the world.
  • Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan would have been unilaterally handed over to Russia. A total surrender by the USA to Putin.
  • Ukraine would have fallen within weeks of the abandonment.
  • Biden would have been crippled beyond repair and no ‘ally’ would ever listen or work with the USA ever again.
  • Australia would have been left isolated alone in the South Pacific.
  • Japan would have been at the mercy of China as China would have seen this as a general withdrawal by the US from the world.
  • Korea would have instantly been on alert as Trump also wanted to remove US forces from Korea.
  • China and Russia would have been major winners and would have instantly replaced the US as global superpowers.
  • The US $ would have collapsed without the US military basically guaranteeing it as the US economy was in tatters with the pandemic which was about to reach its peak under Trump.
  • Africa would have essentially been given to China and Biden could do nothing about it.

Of all the horrible things Trump did or tried to do, this ranks up there right next to attempting to overturn the election and overthrow the government.

AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY (at one time advocating a respectful political philosophy – Don Chapin addition) HAS EMBRACED HIM AND SAID HE IS STILL THEIR LEADER.


Think about that for a moment. Trump was not benign, he was not even malignant, he was the destroyer of democracy and the USA and its 250 year history.

That he was stopped is nothing short of a miracle and a testament to those whose oath was to the constitution and not to an individual.


The Republican party has abandoned their oaths over and over and Liz Cheney’s ouster is just another in a long list extending back over 50 years of anti-democracy steps they have taken.


The Democratic party is in no great shape either, but at least they adhere to the rule of law.




There are no laws, there are no friends unless you count Putin as his friend or Xi Jin Ping or Little Rocket Man Kim or Bolsanaro or any of the other dictators and enemies of America that he embraced and ‘loved’ as he put it when speaking about Kim.


At this point, the only emotion anyone could muster is a simple, never again. Keep watching him and the Republican party as they are more dangerous at this point than any of the dictators in the world because they still support the man who tried to overthrow his own government. And to top it off, tried to emasculate and destroy the US global presence just because he was pissed off that he lost.


That he could have a single supporter at this point, is beyond belief. I can hardly say his name without getting nauseous thinking about the millions who gave their lives to create the USA as the greatest superpower in history and Trump? He just was going to give it away because he couldn’t take losing so he was going to destroy the US just to get back at the 81,283,000+ who had the guts to vote him out of office.



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