A Spiritual View of Military ‘Service’

“… allow us to examine a concept that you all understand on Earth. The concept I speak of demands a regimented approach to following and obeying orders, even though one’s heart does not agree(*). We believe that you call this approach to running an organization, your military. Is this not so?

“We find this approach to running a civilization to be one of barbarism and control, but please note that in this expression of feeling we are not calling humans of Earth barbarians. What we are saying is that any system of command that does not allow for individuals to express their freedoms and free wills is a system that is not supporting the God concept. God made all humans in the likeness of God, and also endowed them with the power to co-create the universe. In this power comes the mundane obligation of working together and learning lessons that continually support the highest standards expressed on the path to Enlightenment. One of those lessons is to learn to allow another the same freedom and expression of will that you enjoy; for it is in the completion of those lessons that one earns the right to higher states of Enlightenment.

“If a soul does not learn to think for himself or herself, and blindly follows another’s will, then that soul jeopardizes its own karmic debts and responsibilities. It cannot tolerate the lower negativity that occurs when another forces its free will over it. That soul then assumes the lower vibratory frequency just because of allowing another to convince it of a selected behavior. In choosing to join with another, stronger force, one helps create another’s dream. Even if this is a collective dream, if the level of energy that forms it is lower than the vibratory rate of the soul who participates in it, the heavier energy is always that which wins and lowers the frequency of the other.

“This is an important principle to learn on the path to Enlightenment, for it is the basis for the truths that are hidden on the Earth today. The truths that one uses to conduct behavior in life are those which may be in conflict with the truths of the highest source of wisdom emanating from the Divine.

“The choice of truths can only be made by the individual soul, because its progress on the path of Enlightenment canonly be measured against itself. Even when decisions for thoughts and actions are based upon giving in to a lower force, but much stronger will, the choice is ultimately ALWAYS that of the individual soul.” ~ “We, The Arcturians,” Milanovich, Rice & Ploski, p. 205

(*) In my case, my enlisted years ALWAYS had this conflict of “the job” vs. where my heart was… “the job” being nuclear weapons maintenance. Once I became commissioned and entered the R&D/Project/Program Management arena, I was more “at home” with my work situation and might have stayed long enough to make Major, except that I was destined to be re-assigned to either Albuquerque or Washington D.C. where there were no public school accommodations for my adopted handicapped kids, ergo I became retired military.

But, in my last job while in uniform, I developed hardware that turned an aircraft, the F-111, from a “widow-maker” into an operational system, saving both aircraft and aircrew lives, while using only $4.2M of the unaccounted for $21T (ref. story on militarytruth.org), in a “grey” program (“grey” because the DoD didn’t want Congress to know about it.).

~ Don Chapin



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