An even more elite group than the US Navy SEALs

Is there an even more elite group than the US Navy SEALs, a group that even the Navy SEALs would rather not do combat with?

John Shea, former US Army at U.S. Department of Defense (1986- 2014)
Answered Aug 15 · Upvoted by James Mckelvy, former Chief Machinist’s Mate at United States Navy (1991-2014) and Anthony Furrh, former Machinist Mate E-5 at United States Navy (1967- 1971)

There is one, and only ONE group of humans that every combat warrior, regardless of branch and nationality fears engaging! They are most devious and masters at psychological warfare. For generations, they have dropped hardened men to their knees in terror.

They can halt an attack with a single act. They use ordinary devices to disarm and beguile with the deviousness of any tactical general. They can be the most stubborn and will dig in and fight to the end and are known for their ability to switch tactics at the first sign of treachery!

They can work individually or in groups and have diabolical effect on any man.

Every single nation in the world has this small group and each one is trained in preemptive warfare!

Their tactics are handed down from generation to generation and is the same regardless of continent!

What is this band of mercenaries?




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