Proselytizing in the Military

Repost: Hunting People for Jesus – Growing Fundamentalism in the U.S. Military
By Jon Perr Monday May 04, 2009 5:00pm fundamentalism-miltary

After revelations that some American soldiers were given Bibles and encouraged to “hunt people for Jesus,” the Pentagon on Monday denied allegations that the U.S. military allows its personnel to seek the conversion of Afghans to Christianity. But while the copies of the New Testament translated into Pashtun and jaw-dropping video from Bagram may seem like exceptions that prove the rule of American prohibition on proselytizing by the military, they are just the latest episodes in the disturbing rise in influence of Christian conservatives in the United States armed services.

(The fact is that the military needs chaplains and the greatest supply of chaplains is from southern evangelical colleges. Roughly 80%—as I last recall—of military chaplains came from this source. ~ Don Chapin)




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