US Military Officers Guilty of ‘Dishonesty And Deception’ At All Levels

Repost of article by Flora Drury For Mailonline
Published: 08:55 EST, 20 February 201 officers-resort-lying-deception-levels-finds-damning-official- report.html

A damning official report claims dishonesty within the U.S. military is so endemic that everyone assumes they are being lied to at all times.

In my personal experience as both enlisted and officer, USAF, ’56- ’77; Yes, such “ethical corruption” is endemic and, as I see it, stems from our country’s “leaders” not being honest with what gets the U.S. into war – ANY war – as numerous independent studies have shown. On the other hand, the same thing is found in industry, where the production floor and the “head sheds” speak in different languages, although the industry situation isn’t as much based on outright lies (as between political “leaders” and military brass, then on down the chain) as it seems to be on “personal survival” and “spin.” ~ Don Chapin






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